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De Veronique, Chef de service Infirmieres

“Nommée cadre de santé d'une équipe de 18 infirmières et aides-soignantes, sans autre formation que mon propre diplôme d'infirmière, je me suis vite trouvée confrontée à un certain nombre de difficultés.

Il fallait gérer les plannings et les absences, les formations, les stagiaires, les entrées et sorties des patients, s'occuper de la certification, des commandes ou réparations, etc....

Mais le plus difficile touchait aux relations humaines: 

Comment juger des qualités d'une personne avant de l'embaucher?

Comment dire à quelqu'un qu'on ne le garde pas car il ne convient pas?

Comment gérer les conflits d'équipe (de femmes!)?

Comment conduire une réunion?....

Je ne m'en sortais pas, m'angoissais, m'épuisais, me démoralisais...

Les sessions de coaching, les préparations, les jeux de rôle, m'ont aidée à:

- Me positionner dans mon rôle de chef d'équipe qui doit choisir, décider et parfois trancher

- Rester calme et prendre du recul 

- Réfléchir et analyser avant d'agir

- Ecouter sans laisser envahir mon espace intérieur et ma sensibilité

- Rester humaine sans m'apitoyer

Maintenant, ça va mieux et je n'hésiterai pas à reprendre ce travail avec Bernard FOURE si besoin.

D'autant plus que, à partir de problèmes professionnels, c'est une partie de ma vie privée qui, par mon changement de comportement, s'est améliorée!"

Merci Bernard!

From Francois, Senior Director of Supply chain, EMEA

“My experience of coaching with Bernard is one of a rich, efficient and motivating journey. Based on a given mutual trust and openness, it was extraordinary direct, intimate and emotionally strong. Starting from a classical 360,generating an immediate enlightening and surprising unified feedback ,the discovery of energy level was foundational to allow pragmatic and focused actions very quickly. It opened my eyes on my relation to time and to priority setting, such I decided to invest time, in adding this energy dimension to my warrior style. It did allow me to practically understand and revisit my behaviors and its impact on others (professional or not), with clear and immediate positive feedback about my perception and relation to others. Results are there, and it is a never ending journey.

Benoit’s coaching, although entirely thru phone calls, based on deep mutual attention, active listening and commitment, did drive a lot of positive energy and returns ,being one of my very best training ever.”


From Michael Bailin, MD
Springfield, Massachusetts

“By serendipity I met Mr. Bernard Foure while traveling in New York City. We had a brief and wonderful conversation about how personalized leadership development might improve my effectiveness as an executive in an academic medical center. I hired him.

 Bernard's most significant contribution was to focus and direct myself reflection about key people, events and challenges in the workplace. By talking through problems with this brilliant listener and coach, Bernard helped me effect positive change by owning and then acting upon my convictions. His greatest impact was to help unlock or unblock the courage to accept the consequences of change in order to move the organization forward. After each of our sessions I always had two or three new strategies to navigate forward.

 In addition to analyzing and figuring approaches to the thorny work-a-day details of our conferences, I gained great insights into building trust and respect and managing my time and energy. Bernard has indirectly helped my whole leadership team through our coaching sessions.”

From Benjamin, VP of Demand Planning

“Bernard Foure’s coaching helped me clarify my long term career goals and create a structured action plan to achieve them. The focused coaching sessions helped overcome challenges that I initially thought insurmountable and helped focus my efforts on career building actions that within the 8 week coaching period initiated long term changes. In addition to building up confidence through structured discussions and development plans, Bernard’s coaching skills and extensive executive work experience, turned frustrations into sources of energy that had an immediate effect on my professional performance and outlook on my next career steps. Bernard’s coaching technique and tools make every session energizing, providing fresh and empowering perspectives on day to day professional challenges. I strongly recommend Bernard’s coaching services for anyone trying to further and re-energize his or her career.”

- Benjamin

From James, Real Estate Director

“Bernard Foure is truly an outstanding career and life coach. After I struggled for many months to reconcile the conflicts between searching for a job, selling our home (which had depreciated substantially), and living in both an interesting city and one that offered great job opportunities, Bernard utilized a series of tools with me to clarify what had confused me for so long. After just a short time I had narrowed my job search to one city, listed our home for sale and, most importantly, secured my wife’s buy-in on the plan. The results of his coaching were quickly evident in the decisions I became able to confidently make. While certainly the professional training and deep life experience Bernard has had contributed to the success of my coaching program, it was Bernard’s intense concern to help me that so was so impressive. His conscientious efforts assisting me to find the absolute best solutions for my dilemmas created a trust in our relationship that allowed us to progress quickly. In short Bernard is a fantastic coach and a wonderful person. I whole heartedly recommend him to anybody who is considering career coaching.”


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